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  GY6 150 (232cc) Complete engine (long case)

GY6 150 (232cc) Complete engine (long case)

Depending on your build !

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Product Code: MBE-232CC-ENGINE


TAIDA GY6 232cc long case set [Add CAD $499.99]

TAIDA T300 camshaft [Add CAD $109.99]

TAIDA crankshaft+8.2mm(66mm stroke) [Add CAD $369.99]

TAIDA GY6 oversized cylinder [Add CAD $219.99]

cylinder head:
TAIDA GY6 oversize Cylinder Head [Add CAD $159.99]

TAIDA GY6 rocker assembly (57mm) [Add CAD $49.99]

valve cover:
TAIDA GY6 150cc-232cc Valve Cover [Add CAD $34.99]

bearing kit*:
MBE GY6 125cc-232cc bearing kit [Add CAD $29.99]

seal kit*:
MBE GY6 125cc-232cc engine seal kit [Add CAD $13.99]

big intake:
NCY 30mm intake [Add CAD $33.99]

starter motor:
TAIDA GY6 high Torque Starter motor [Add CAD $79.99]
Highly recommended !

oil pump:
super flow oil pump for GY6 125/150 [Add CAD $54.99]

starter clutch:
MBE GY6 20 sprag Starter Clutch [Add CAD $49.99]
SRD work

engine built (GY6 205cc-232cc) [Add CAD $399.99]

head job:
Cylinder head porting and polishing [Add CAD $149.99]
To complete your engine

engine part,CVT, gearbox,etc*:
GY6 150cc engine part [Add CAD $299.99]
Upgrade your CVT

CVT kit:
NCY cvt kit [Add CAD $149.99]
Final gear ratio

choose your gear ratio*:

Jetting, timing and cvt ajustement w/ dynometer result. Only available with complete engine build [Add CAD $149.99]

Product Description
We offer you the choice of the 232cc engine the way YOU want!!! It start with the basic engine package and it end with a complete engine built. You want it Fuel injection, no problem... Want it liquid cooled, no problem too! Even more, we offer you our custom built with our ball bearing turbo kit. If you want more information, you can call our technician in any business hour.

NOTE: 232cc GY6 Engine are very hard to start due to compression.

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